CLASS 300 – Modified Stock
A. If factory hard top removed or open top– vehicle must have 4-point roll bar
B. TIRES: 35” and under – No cutting – Factory size tire numbers must be visible or we will gauge them.
Single carburetor
NO after market heads or blocks
Heads must be OEM production
NO magnetos
Open headers allowed
Racing fuel or pump gas only – NO nitrous
Motor swaps allowed – but brands of engine & truck must be the same
Radiator – stock water pump & alternator required in stock location
Battery relocation allowed. Battery must be securely mounted in battery box & all wiring must be secured & protected
Stock body – Full stock frame – i.e. full size body on full size frame
Body swaps allowed
No body and frame alterations other than to accept body & frame mounts.
No narrowing or shortening of frame or body.
No missing body parts
Must match manufacturer & production size
Body and box must remain intact – interior gutting allowed
Functional flat beds allowed – Must be within 2” of width of cab - Must be full length of unmodified frame – NO Plywood
Fuel cells allowed
Full OEM style suspension - No coil over suspensions or 3 or 4 link suspensions
Lift kits allowed
Ladder/traction bars allowed
4 Wheel hydraulic brakes required

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